, Will Commercial Solar Panels Drive Our Future Single-Handedly?
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September 30, 2020
, Will Commercial Solar Panels Drive Our Future Single-Handedly?
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November 11, 2020
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Will Commercial Solar Panels Drive Our Future Single-Handedly?

Solar power and wind power are two of the cleanest forms of power. With technological progressions, they have also become the most cost-efficient sources of energy. As conventional resources like fossil fuels continue to diminish, the time has come to switch to renewable energy forms, such as wind and solar. But is the commercial world ready for this transition yet?
People across the state have already started installing all kinds of solar power solutions at home. You can get solar roofing tiles in Miami at a fraction of the price you would have paid just a decade ago. The panels themselves are more energy-efficient and can last for several decades without needing much maintenance.

Changes That Have Happened Already

Reduced Prices

Solar roofing tiles/panels have shed their price tags consistently over the years. They cost 70% less than what they cost 10 years ago, and over 90% less than what they cost 20 years ago. This means you can now buy them without digging deep into your pocket.

Tech Improvements

Technological advancements have further made solar roofing tiles/solar panels more efficient than before. You can now use them over several decades and need to care little about their maintenance all along.

Lighter Systems

Commercial solar panels have not just shed their cost but also their weight. The systems today offer improved efficiency with lighter equipment. Installing the entire setup is very easy too.

Government Subsidies

For some time both state and federal governments have been offering subsidies on solar power systems. These subsidies encourage more people to go solar without hurting their budget.

Depleting Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are depleting, which means we won’t have them around forever. Going solar is one step towards preparing for that future. Also, solar energy won’t need the combustion of fuels, thereby helping make the environment cleaner and greener than ever.

What We Can Be Looking at In the Future

Solar Energy Will Drive the World

When fossil fuels run out, solar power and wind energy will become the primary energy sources. At that time a lot more things will be driven by solar power than what it does today.

Dependence on the Grid Will Fall Down Drastically

Those using commercial solar panels can already see their energy bills drop significantly. This is because the panels can power almost their entire heating/air-conditioning system, and more. If there are enough panels and a powerful inverter and battery to store additional power, the dependence on the grid will come down.

Solar Energy Will Drive all Commercial Needs

It’s not just the electrical appliances or air conditioning unit that solar energy can power. You can also use this power for several other commercial tasks and can continue doing the same as long as the sun shines above our heads.

No Maintenance Required for 15-20 Years

Modern solar roofing tiles and panels are built to work without much maintenance. While the efficiency of the panels may drop fractionally over time, they will continue to deliver optimum performance with little to no maintenance.

Are you ready to step into the future and embrace innovative solar panels in Miami, Fl? Then call up your nearest solar power company for a free quote and more today.

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