, Why Your Miami FL Home Needs a Metal Roofing Upgrade
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January 7, 2022
, Why Your Miami FL Home Needs a Metal Roofing Upgrade
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April 21, 2022
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Why Your Miami FL Home Needs a Metal Roofing Upgrade

Picking the right kind of roof isn’t as easy as it looks. Sure, you know what you want to buy and probably have also decided where you will buy one from. But have you given enough thought to how your roof will fare over the years? Also, given that you need the roof in Miami, can it survive hurricanes and all other weather changes?

Residential metal roofing contractors near you in Miami FL will always tell you how their metal roofs are the perfect roofing solution. For many reasons, they are absolutely right too!

So, if you are planning to relay a new roof, it’s time you give some serious thought to a metal roof. Here’s why.

Metal Roofs Last Too Long

A metal roof’s life expectancy starts from anywhere around 50 years. That itself is something that 3 times longer than your conventional shingle roof. Add to it that your choice of material can make your roof last for over a hundred years with minimal maintenance, you will finally have a roofing solution that will last for generations!

They Resist All the Weather Changes

Almost every roofing material starts breaking down when they begin to reach the end of their life. But before that, all the conventional roofing materials keep changing their shape when they are overexposed to the sun’s heat or winter’s cold. Over time, the cracks form up, or mold builds up here and there. The roof becomes more of a liability than a shelter for your home.

A metal roof doesn’t work like that. Such a roof doesn’t break down or expand or contract whenever the weather changes. Metal roofs are also resistant to mold build-up, as well as pest infestation, wildfire, hurricane debris hits, and so on.

They Protect Your House from Hurricanes

The speed at which hurricane debris hits your roof depends on the wind speed of a hurricane. So, if the wind speed is too high, say 150 miles per hour, the debris impact will be stronger. Metal roofs, though, are manufactured to withstand such strong hits, keeping you safe and healthy below them.

If hurricane protection is the primary reason you are upgrading to metal roofs, you must also consider installing hurricane windows and doors instead of your regular windows and doors. The former is just as resistant to hurricane hits as metal roofs. This helps seal off your home from all such natural catastrophes for good.

They Keep Your Home Temperature Consistent

When compared with any other roofing material, a metal roof helps keep your home cooler during summers, and warmer during winters. This happens because it’s one of the roles of metal roofing to deflect heat and cooling. So, when you have an air-conditioning or heating unit on, you can feel the cooling and heating for that much longer than usual.

They Offer True Value for Your Money

Metal roofs are probably the costliest roofing solution and for a good reason. After all, which other roofing type can:

  • Help bring your energy bills down
  • Keep you safe from hurricanes
  • Last much longer than other roofing types
  • Help reduce the annual insurance premium
  • Give you a true sense of safety and satisfaction

They are Available in All Shades and Sizes

Did you always want your new roofing upgrade to bear a certain design or color? Then you only need to contact your nearest roofing company that further works with leading residential metal roofing contractors near you in Miami FL. You can let the roofing company know what you seek, and then have them share their suggestions with you. You can go through them and make your pick accordingly.

Call your nearest metal roofing company in Miami FL for a free quote today.

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