Metal Roofing Contractors Fort Lauderdale, Why Metal Roofs are Perfect for Solar Panels
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August 26, 2022
Metal Roofing Contractors Fort Lauderdale, Why Metal Roofs are Perfect for Solar Panels
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September 22, 2022
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Why Metal Roofs are Perfect for Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular solution in Florida. More people are looking to take advantage of the sunny days to power, cool, and heat their homes. The solar industry is valued at $9.6 billion and is continuing to grow. 

Metal roofs are also popular, with more homeowners choosing these roofs over the other options. Demand for metal roofs is growing by 13% a year. Floridians are seeking to take advantage of the benefits they provide. 

Many are placing solar panels on their metal roofs. They are looking to take advantage of the unique benefits solar panels provide for these roofs.

Here are some reasons why metal roofs are perfect for solar panels


Metal Roofing Contractors Fort Lauderdale, Why Metal Roofs are Perfect for Solar Panels

Reflection of the Sunlight

Metal roofs reflect the sunlight away from your home. This means that your solar panels will be exposed to more sunlight and work efficiently. You will generate greater amounts of power and can sell it back to the public utilities at prevailing market rates. 

Metal roofing contractors in Fort Lauderdale are skilled in helping you to use your metal roof with solar panels. We have worked on these jobs before and will give you the right solutions for your home. 


Metal roofs are durable and have a useful life that lasts from 40 to 70 years. These roofs require little to no maintenance and give your home the protection it needs against the elements. 

Solar panels can be easily placed onto metal roofs. These solutions require very little maintenance, and they work well with your metal roof. Typically, the average solar panels will last 30 years. But technology is improving the useful life of solar panels well beyond this time. Many of the solar panels that were installed in the 1980s are continuing to work and produce electricity efficiently. 

Metal roofs and solar panels offer you durability that you can’t get anywhere else. This is something that will pay you dividends for many years to come in the form of lower energy bills and insurance premiums. 

Easy Installation

Metal roofs are stronger than conventional choices. This means that the installation is easier and you can get a metal roof installed in around one to two days. When you are walking on the roof, the panels will withstand greater amounts of weight. 

Solar panels can easily be installed on these types of roofs. They are designed to hold more weight and the metal can withstand the additional pressure from the solar panels. The easy installation of both makes solar panels an ideal option for a metal roof. This is why so many Floridians are choosing them.

Get the Best Solutions for Your Home Today!

These are a few reasons why metal roofs and solar panels work well together. They give you everything you need to create something that will last for many decades to come. You never have to worry about the continuing costs or the need to do constant maintenance. 

Contact us today and let us explain how our metal roofing contractors in Fort Lauderdale can help you to get these solutions for your home. 

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