, What You Should Know About Metal Roofs in 2022
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December 21, 2021
, What You Should Know About Metal Roofs in 2022
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January 7, 2022
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What You Should Know About Metal Roofs in 2022

Metal roofs have rapidly become more popular than shingle roofs ever were. Their many benefits make them the right choice for every house. All you need to get them installed is, contact a leading metal roofing company in Miami and tell them what you want them to do.

There’s not one but five reasons why metal roofs have become the number one roofing choice in the US:

They Are No Longer High-End Products

Metal roofs of the yesteryears were not great by any means. That held true for the metal roofs that we saw on the barns and sheds. There were better metal roofing solutions back then too, but those were costly and only affordable by a few.

But not anymore!

Metal roofs are now available to just about everyone who wants to install them. Their prices have slashed too, thanks to the large-scale manufacturing and use of better technology. Their functions have improved too, which makes them the perfect roofing choice for everyone.

You Can Easily Install Them Over an Existing Roof

While it takes a professional to install metal roofs, the job itself isn’t so time-consuming. Metal roofing panels are arguably one of the lightest roofing solutions you can find today. Despite their lightweight, they don’t compromise on the quality of the panels or their safety features.

The problem with taking an existing shingle roof off first is that they can cause much mess. Moreover, taking off a roof before installing another means more expenses. Your house’s structural integrity may take a hit too.

Due to their lightweight, metal roofing panels don’t cause too much extra weight on the walls of your house. You will need proper underlayment for the job though. Your roofing company will help you learn more about this in detail.

They Can Withstand the Miami Weather

Miami is a city known for its beautiful summer weather. That is the time when people from around the world come crashing here. While that extreme sun can be good for many people, it surely can harm your roof. Then there’s the extreme winter season to worry about. You also can’t write off the looming threat of hurricanes and the damages they can cause.

A metal roof can withstand all of the above, and can continue to do so over several years.

They Can be Installed in Any Way You Want

Metal roofs are often perceived to be ideal for homes with steep roof slopes. However, this is not true. Standing seam metal roof is a brilliant example of the same. The purpose of such designs is usually to prevent water from accumulating over their surface. Modern metal roofs, though, aren’t affected even if water collects on them. Their locking system further prevents water from seeping in, thereby keeping the integrity of the roof intact.

They Last Long and Are Recyclable

Metal roofs cost much more than other roofing solutions. However, they last even more than them. This, however, depends on the material you have chosen for your metal roof. Some of these materials can make your roof last for 50 years, others can breach the 100-year mark too!

Once the roof has served its purpose, you can easily get them taken off your roof and recycled. This helps keep the earth greener. Moreover, recycled metal can again be used to manufacture roofs. It’s very likely that the roof you have chosen just now also has some recycled metal content in it.

Choosing a metal roof for your home will always be one decision you can be very proud of. Call your nearest metal roofing company in Miami to get a free custom quote for your house today.

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