, Welcome the Future with Solar Panels Powering Your Miami Home
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March 31, 2021
, Welcome the Future with Solar Panels Powering Your Miami Home
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April 29, 2021
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Welcome the Future with Solar Panels Powering Your Miami Home

Residential solar panel installation in Miami is still a relatively new idea. Until a decade back, not many around the city thought much about solar panels, let alone have one. But over the past few years, the demand for solar power has surged. What made this happen? Also, will this surge last and live up to its promise?

Solar power is the Future

The sun shines bright in the sky all year long. Even if you don’t see it, you can see its light during the daytime. This daylight is all a solar panel needs to draw power and generate energy. Moreover, while the non-renewable resources we so heavily rely on may run out after a few years, the solar energy is going to stay as long as the sun is shining.

When you actually go out and check the price of an entire solar panel system, you may find it to be quite high. This cost factor often makes people think otherwise. But what they also overlook with it is the fact that whatever power they generate from this system is free! Moreover, this free power is all theirs for the next 25 years! Those who are still concerned about the high initial cost can recover it all through power savings and rebates in just a few months!

Install Solar Panels at Home

For residential use, you can make your choice from the following two solar panel power options:

1) Buy Solar Power from government-backed plants at a lower rate. This does not need you to make any investment of your own. However, you will be bound by certain regulations and you will have to abide by them. You may also need to install certain equipment at home to receive this power.

2) Install solar panels at home and generate as much power as you want. This system is all yours to use as you like it. You don’t have to leave the power grid to start using solar power, though you could if you wish to. This way, you will have access to conventional power, which you can consume less and less by drawing most from your own solar panel system. This less usage reduces your energy bills by quite a lot.

Net Metering with Solar Power

If you have installed a bigger solar system than what you needed, worry not. You can use net metering to transfer all excess power back to the grid in exchange for some credits. You can use these credits to earn some money or get great incentives and rebates from the government for your use of the cleanest form of energy.

If you are still thinking about that initial investment, here’s another thing you will want to hear. You can check with your residential solar panel installation company if they can connect you with a financing company, such as Ygrene that finances projects related to clean energy. This way, you will not have to make a single down payment for installing solar power. With the energy rebates and savings coming your way every month, these installments will get paid on their own.

Got more questions in mind? Then let them out and seek out a free quote from your nearest residential solar panel installation company in Miami today.

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