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    ENGLERT – National Metal Roofing Material Supplier in Florida

    Standing Seam Coils Fabricated By ASP Architectural

    Why You Should Own an Englert Standing Seam Metal Roof

    Standing Seam Roofs Are Highly Durable

    Every Englert standing seam metal roof system:

    • Lasts at least two to three times as long as a shingle roof.
    • Comes with a warranty of 30 years from the supplier.

    They are Energy Efficient

    Thanks to their high-quality finish, Englert standing seam metal panels are an energy star-rated product. Despite being made of metal, these individual panels actually reflect heat off their surface.

    They Have No Exposed Screws

    Mechanically seamed metal roofs have a concealed fastener system. Concealed fasteners mean no screws are exposed to the elements making it extremely difficult for water to penetrate your roof. With classic metal roofing systems, rainwater can penetrate where the exposed anchors attach the metal to the deck.

    Learn more about the advantages of metal roofs.

    Get the most value for every dollar you invest

    Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Benefits

    Upgrade To Steel or Aluminum…

    Standing seam metal roofing panels can be manufactured from different materials. But the most common material is steel. Standing seam panels made from steel are sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing because they can be custom painted. Once you have Englert standing seam metal roofing panels installed, you just won’t need to replace your roof for 40 to 70 years. Learn more about the cost to install a standing seam metal roof.

    Near the Coast?

    For those properties located on or near the water, aluminum standing seam metal roof panels provide the corrosion resistance necessary to maintain long-lasting performance and protection. Although the average price for aluminum is higher than steel for residential applications, the extra price tag is worth it.

    Aluminum standing seam metal roofs use a snap lock system and maintain their aesthetic value longer than steel due to aluminum’s anti-corrosion properties. Put simply, aluminum roof panels are slower to rust than steel roofing panels.

    Let ASP SuperHome handle the installation of your standing seam metal roof system. The biggest difference you will find with ASP? Apart from a high-quality installation, we have a transparent sales process that gives you a price per square foot with everything installed as well as a detailed explanation from our consultant about what is included in the final cost. Homeowners choose ASP for this reason and our reviews speak for themselves.

    Ditch your old roof and old shingles; upgrade your property with a standing seam roof system from ASP SuperHome and Let Our Family Protect Yours!

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