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Hire the leading experts of metal roofing installation in Miami FL and change the way you look at your home forever.

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Fully Customizable Solutions According to Your Needs

Whether you prefer a specific material or have a budget constraint, we have all the solutions available to fulfil all your metal roofing requirements.

Quality Materials Procured from Leading Manufacturers

We have partnered with some of the leading metal roofing manufacturers serving the Miami, FL region to bring you nothing less than the best of premium roofing solutions.

Experienced Metal Roof Installers at Your Service

Our metal roofing installers in Miami have the skills and experience to install metal roofing panels and solar panels at your home to your satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do metal roofs offer a better long-term value than shingle roofs?

Metal roofing panels cost a bit more than asphalt shingles. However, they last for 2-3 times longer than shingle roofs. They do not corrode or break until you have to replace them, and require very little maintenance throughout their lifecycle. They come with a warranty of over 25 years, which is way more than the total life of asphalt shingles.

Can metal roofs be noisy when it rains?

It may appear so to you when you think about it. However, in reality, metal roofing panels are installed over a wooden deck that absorbs the sound of the raindrops hitting the metal surface. Beneath it, you wouldn’t hear much of a sound, just like you would do with other roofs.

Do metal roofs attract heat and increase energy costs?

On the contrary, metals used for installation at your home deflects the heat and cooling. This helps maintain the internal temperature you need at home for longer, reducing the load on the heating or cooling unit. This lowers your energy bill by quite a lot.

Are metal roofs good in Florida?

Owing to the regular weather changes in Florida, metal roofing installation in Miami is perhaps the best decision you can make. Metal roofs can survive the high-speed winds of a hurricane and moisture damage and rusting that floods cause with ease. Metal roofing panels are fire-resistant too, so an unexpected fire event too wouldn’t be able to damage them at all.

Do you provide roofing repair services?

Metal roofing panels usually do not need any repair or maintenance for decades. If they have crossed that line and you think that they really need a repair job, give us a call. We will deploy our experts to offer the best possible solution to you.

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