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    Our experienced metal roofers install a metal roofing system ideal for solar panel installation. These roofs come with benefits that deliver great value for money.

    The roof acts as a barrier against inclement weather, such as heavy rain, hurricane, and hail. Protect this vital part of your property by installing a metal roof provided by ASP Solar Panels & Metal Roofs. We install custom metal roofing for customers in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Coconut Grove, and the neighboring areas.

    Our Metal
    Roofing Solutions

    We install high-quality metal roofs for both homes and businesses. Our company recommends this type of roof for solar panel installation.

    Get the most value for every dollar you invest

    Metal Roofs, Metal Roofs
    Metal Roofs, Metal Roofs

    Metal Roofs Are Long Lasting

    • 3x longer than shingle
    • 40 to 70 years life span
    • Little to no maintenance

    Why Choose Us Over
    Other Roofing Providers

    Look forward to these great benefits when you work with us for custom metal roofing installation:

    Metal Roofs, Metal Roofs

    Experienced Metal Roof Installers

    Our certified contractors have the skills and experience to install metal roofing and mount solar panels on your residential or commercial property.
    Metal Roofs, Metal Roofs

    Exemplary Customer

    We have received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List, a popular website of home services, for five consecutive years (2014 to 2018). We’ve also garnered a service award from Houzz, a leading platform for home design and remodeling, in 2019. These accolades serve as a reminder that we go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction.
    Metal Roofs, Metal Roofs

    Quality Materials for Custom Metal Roofing

    We have access to a roster of manufacturers that we’ve vetted through experience. They provide the premium materials we need to build your customized metal roof.

    Energy efficiency means more $$$ in YOUR pocket

    Metal roofs can reduce cooling costs by as much as 40%. That means lower energy bills and significantly less money lost to the power company.

    Advantages of Installing a Metal Roof

    You enjoy the following benefits when you opt for a metal roof system:

    • Highly Durable

    Metal roofs, when installed properly, lasts for several decades. They protect your home or business from storm damage, such as fallen debris, and strong hurricane winds. They’re also resistant to mildew, pests, rot, and other problems that may compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

    • Low Maintenance Required

    Taking out the debris and cleaning the gutters are just a few of the things you need to do to keep your metal roof in good condition.

    • Lightweight

    Metal roofing doesn’t weigh much when compared to other materials. Concrete tiles, for instance, has a weight range of 750 to 1000 pounds per square. Roofs made of metal, on the other hand, register less than 200 pounds per tile, making this material easy to install.

    • Eco-Friendly

    Just like our solar panels, metal roofs are sustainable and environment-friendly. They’re completely recyclable.

    Metal Roofs, Metal Roofs

    Wide range of custom colors with High Quality Paint Finishes Available

    Completely customize your roof to match your homes design for the ultimate aesthetic impact. Increase your home resale value or just feel good making the neighbors jealous

    Metal Roofs, Metal Roofs

    Fund Your Metal Roofing Installation with YGrene Financing

    You don’t have to search for other fund sources to pay for the installation of your property’s custom metal roof. Our YGrene Financing option allows you to make zero down payment. If your home or business establishment qualifies for this option, you may receive approval in half an hour or less.

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