, Metal Roofs in Miami are Every Bit Worth Their Cost
Read This Before Choosing the Right Material for Your Metal Roofing Panels
April 29, 2021
, Metal Roofs in Miami are Every Bit Worth Their Cost
6 Frequently Asked Questions You Must Know About Metal Roofs for Your Miami Home
May 27, 2021
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Metal Roofs in Miami are Every Bit Worth Their Cost

Metal roofs are worth every penny you choose to spend on them. They are incredibly strong, enticing, and can prove their true worth in the long run. So, if you are planning to have your nearest metal roofers in Miami replace your existing shingle roof with a metal one, you are making the right decision.

At the same time, it’s not wrong to question your intuitions. You must have answers to your questions and evaluate if the metal roof is indeed the right choice for your home before making your decision.

Some of the most common questions that can regulate your final choice can be anything like:

Can Metal Roofs Last Longer?

A regular asphalt shingle roof can last for anywhere between 10-15 years, depending upon its quality, the environment it’s been exposed to, and the maintenance efforts you put on them.

Metal roofs, on the other hand, can easily last for over 50 years. If you choose some more sturdy metals like copper, you can expect your roof to stay up there even longer than your lifespan, all without little to no maintenance!

Will They Be Loud When It Rains?

When you think of metal, you will think of them as tin roofs over a barn that makes deafening sounds when it rains. However, modern metal roofing panels are nothing like them. In fact, they cut down any outside noise to a bare minimum, letting you enjoy your peaceful time beneath.

Are Metal Roofs Good for the Environment?

Metals are made up of 100% environmentally-friendly materials. Your very own metal roofing panels will have about 25% recycled metal content. After they have served their incredibly long purpose, you can have them recycled to their very last bit, adding nothing to the global waste.

The same cannot be said for shingle panels, which do add about 40% of their content to global waste when you recycle them.

What Do I Stand to Benefit from Them?

  • For everyone in Miami and everywhere else in Florida, the threat of hurricanes is real. Past events like Hurricane Irma have already proved that there isn’t any other roofing material that can keep your home together like metal roofs.
  • But that is not the only benefit of metal roofs. The surface of a metal roofing panel deflects both heat and cooling from both sides. So, while the heat and cold winter nights won’t affect your room temperature by much, your heating and cooling units won’t need to stay on at all times either. This will save you a lot on energy bills.
  • Metal roofs also make your home look more appealing from the outside. This also helps add more to its resale value, if you ever think of that as an option for you.
  • Metal roofs help preventing fire, pest, and rodent infestation. You can’t say the same for shingle roofs.

Are Metal Roofs Costly?

We are talking about a roofing material that is better than all other options, including shingles, by miles. So of course, they are more costly too. When you have a material that lasts for a lifetime, is 100% eco-friendly, and offers you security from deadly catastrophic events like hurricanes, you would expect them to cost more than other options, and for a good reason.

Don’t think anymore! Call your nearest metal roofers in Miami for a free quote and a quick demo session today.

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