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    Metal Roofing Miami-Dade, Fl

    Metal roofs are a better choice than any other roofing solution by a mile. But, even then, you will have to put some effort to keep them in shape. It could be something as simple as roof inspection, to a complete roof overhaul. With ASP SuperHome, you get a wide range of roofing services that help keep your metal roofing in Miami Dade, FL intact and your home safe from any potential threat.

    Metal Roof Miami Dade Approved

    Although metal roofing services in Miami might not be the most exciting subject to talk about, our founders are passionate about giving people the best home or commercial building possible. Why should it be considered acceptable to replace your roof every decade or two at an inflated price?

    Whether you own a building in downtown Miami, something on the waterfront, or have a small place tucked into one of the city’s suburbs, our metal roofing contractors can help you increase the value of your property while reducing your long-term maintenance responsibilities.

    You can select metal panel sheets, squares, shingles, or shakes to create a stunning design that enhances your property’s appeal. Even with Florida’s coastal climate, you’ll find that the eventual installation requires less maintenance work than other traditional materials. Learn more about the cost to install a metal roof in South Florida.

    If you like the traditional look of clay tiles or cedar shakes, today’s best metal tile roofing products in Miami can deliver a similar look with enhanced protection.

    Our promise to you is this: we’ll work around your schedule to minimize disruptions to your home or business routine. Each roof gets installed promptly, using today’s best practices, while following all coding requirements. All our metal roof products are Miami-Dade approved.

    Let us show you how affordable it could be to add a standing-seam metal roof to your home or commercial property today!

    Types of Metal Roofing Services

    We offer the following services to our valued customers:

    Residential Metal Roofing

    • Roof Inspection: Your metal roof comes equipped with everything that helps it stay in shape for decades. Yet, their surface can get damaged due to intense heat from the sun, the impact of hurricane debris, and even aging. While they don’t matter much, your roof’s life could reduce because of them. A regular roof inspection by leading metal roofers in Miami Dade keeps any such damage in check.
    • Roof Repair: Aging and many other elements can lead to your roof getting damaged from here and there. A good metal roofing company in Miami Dade can always tell how important it is to not neglect such signs. As soon as you notice them, you must call the experts to repair the damaged parts. Excessive hot days or the day after a hurricane strike are the best times to check for those damages.
    • Roof Replacement: Despite your best efforts, one or more metal roofing panels may take more damage than you anticipated. Exposure to different weather conditions and other activities often rip the protective coating off these panels. Not giving much thought to their maintenance can also lead to such damages. Metal roofers in Miami Dade can help replace those damaged panels to perfection.

    Commercial Metal Roofing

    • Roof Repair: Any minor roofing issue could escalate faster than you can ever imagine. This damage not only reduces your roof’s life but also puts your safety at a risk. Get a leading metal roofing company in Miami Dade to deploy experts to inspect and repair the damaged panels as soon as you see them.
    • Roof Maintenance: A metal roof only lasts as long as it is maintained properly. If done right, your roof can last for a lifetime. For instance, a steel roof is said to last for 40-50 years, but with the right maintenance, it can last much longer! Such treatment is also what makes your metal roof hurricane proof!
    • Roof Installation: Installing the roof right the first time is important. Doing the installation itself isn’t too difficult, but it’s not that easy either. Metal roofers in Miami Dade know how to do it right. Hire them today to get the job done to perfection and your roof serve the longest.

    Types of Metal Roofing Materials

    Choosing to install a metal roof can be a great choice wherever you live but especially in Miami. With the unpredictable weather patterns, storms, and hurricanes all in the mix, a metal roof vs. a more conventional style makes sense in so many ways. In additional to the functional benefits, there are many more benefits to choosing a metal roof for your Florida home or business.

    Of course the biggest advantage is the durability of metal roofing material. In most cases, this investment will last you a lifetime and it is an amazing feeling knowing that the most important investment for your home or business is taken care of. With added benefits such as curb appeal, color choices, and efficiency ratings, a metal roof can be a great choice. Please contact the experts at Miami Metal Roofing today to schedule your free estimate.

    Metal Roofing Benefits

    1. They are Hurricane Proof: Hurricanes are a menace in the whole of Florida. But with the right roof, they wouldn’t be a threat to your home anymore. You can rest easy inside even when hurricane winds as fast as 150 miles per hour bang hard on your roof!
    2. They Last the Longest: No other metal roofing material lasts for more than 20-25 years. Any metal roofing material, in comparison, can last for at least 50 years. The more costly materials like copper and zinc can even last for over a hundred years!
    3. They Help Save Energy: Are you worried about your energy bills. Metal roofs help save a lot of the energy you consume daily to heat or cool your home by keeping the weather indoors more consistent. As a result, your energy bills can drop by as much as 30%!
    4. They Look Great: Metal roofing panels are manufactured to impress! You can find multiple options for them – in the color you like, the design you prefer, and the size your roof has. Ask your metal roofer in Miami Dade to get this combination right.

    Want to know more? Call us and let us explain how a metal roof is all you will ever need up there!

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