metal roofing Miami FL, Don’t Believe These Misconceptions While Going for Metal Roofing in Miami
Here’s Why Metal Roofs are the Best Choice for All Miami Homes
June 30, 2021
metal roofing Miami FL, Don’t Believe These Misconceptions While Going for Metal Roofing in Miami
These are the Best Roofing Materials to Choose for Your Miami Home
August 9, 2021
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Don’t Believe These Misconceptions While Going for Metal Roofing in Miami

Metal roofs are arguably the best modern roofing solution you can get today. Yet, people refrain from going for them and continue with asphalt shingle roofs that have served them well over the years.

Metal roofing in Miami FL is better than asphalt shingle roofs in every way.

metal roofing Miami FL, Don’t Believe These Misconceptions While Going for Metal Roofing in Miami

These benefits also make metal roofs more costly than asphalt shingles. But that is not the reason why people don’t go with metal roofs. Instead, the primary reasons why they don’t make this choice are their misconceptions about metal roofs. All of these misconceptions, though, have no ground at all.

So, what are these misconceptions and what must you know about them? Let’s discuss:

  • Metal Roofs are Costly

This is definitely the case. Metal roofs are indeed more costly than other roofing solutions upfront. But there’s more to that. Metal roofs last 3 times longer than those other roofing solutions. They are also the best deterrent to hurricanes for Miami homes and can keep your electricity bills down. They also reduce your insurance premium. If you calculate them all, metal roofs will come out to be the most economical option for your home.

  • Metal Roofs are Noisy

It’s not difficult to assume how noisy a metal sheet can be or used to be when raindrops bang on its surface. Not anymore. Modern metal roofing panels are installed with a roof deck and underlayment that absorbs all the noise. These layers could well make your roof even quieter than other roofing options.

  • Metal Roofs Bend or Break Due to Rust

Metal roofing panels of today are no longer the solid metal that used to rust. Technology has evolved, and so have these modern roofing panels. These panels today have galvanized coating made from the most advanced alloys that also give the panels additional strength. They are also painted to withstand weathering effects, besides matching your choice of color.

  • Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Lightning doesn’t fall on any specific kind of material. It falls off whatever is closest and highest to its drop point. It could be your house, or it could be the tall tree next to your neighbor’s house. Moreover, metal roofs make it easy to disperse the charge from the lightning bolt into the ground without affecting you, your home, and any of your appliances inside.

  • Metal Roofs Are Heavy

On the contrary, metal roofing panels are among the lightest you may find around you. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be easily carried around. You will be surprised to see metal roofing jobs are finished sooner than any other material.

  • Metal Roofs Absorb Heat Fast

Again, on the contrary, modern metal roofing panels deflect the heat away from your house. Their surface has excellent insulation that releases heat as fast as it falls on it. This works both ways, which means your home can also stay warmer for longer when you have a metal roof.

Work with an Industry Expert for Best Results

Of course, you will need the guidance of an expert to determine which metal roof can produce the best results for your home. You can discuss your requirements with them and even ask for a free quote before hiring their services. Their expertise will definitely make your home look better and more sophisticated than ever.

Metal roofs also have a 50-year warranty, though they can easily last for much longer than that. They are, after all, a win-win solution that you just can’t give a miss!

Give your nearest metal roofing company in Miami FL a call today to know more.

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