, All You Need to Know About Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home
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May 18, 2020
, All You Need to Know About Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home
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June 26, 2020
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All You Need to Know About Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home

All You Need to Know About Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home

Everyone wants their homes to look their best forever. However, occasional weather changes in Miami doesn’t allow that to happen for most of them. Yet, there are solutions that make it possible for people to have aesthetically pleasing homes, with little to no maintenance required for years. Metal roofing panels are the answer.

Ask yourself, wouldn’t you like to install custom metal roofing panels at your home too? If you do, you should know about a few things first.

The Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs come with all kinds of options and benefits. You can procure them in different materials, styles, installation positions, and costs. The cost can vary based upon what material you choose to go with. The availability of styles and installation positions also vary according to the material you choose.

Having said that, the most popular benefits of metal roofs are:

  • They have a long life:

Metal roofs are sturdy, which means that they do not get damaged or tear down after a while. All they need is you cleaning them up for dust or dirt, and they will continue to cover your house for several decades.

  • They are highly energy-efficient:

The materials used for making metal roofing panels are highly energy efficient. Though the efficiency may vary depending upon the material you use, you can expect your bills to come down by around 40%.

  • They reduce heat build-up:

Expect your home interiors to stay warm or cool for a long time with custom metal roofing panels, especially in Miami. These panels come with reflecting solar coating that makes them keep heat buildup to a minimum and even reduce your need to run your air conditioning as frequently.

  • They are 100% recyclable:

This makes them a wonderful choice for saving Mother Earth, while also keeping you safe and comfortable inside your home. Many of these panels already have recycled material used to manufacture them.

  • They are fireproof and leak-proof:

Basically, metal roofing panels are resistant to everything. That includes fires, strong winds, leakage problems, and so on. So, if you think that fires are a risk in your area, these are just the ideal choice for your home.


Different Metals Used and Their Advantages

  • Aluminum:

Aluminum is very lightweight and very thin, and yet can be just as durable and strong as thicker metals. It doesn’t corrode either, so it’s a great choice for those living near the sea. However, since it has thin layers, aluminum can get dented easily.

  • Copper:

Copper is probably the most durable element that is currently used for manufacturing roofs. While other metals make loud sounds when it rains or hails, copper roofs are much quitter. However, they are very costly too, which is why not as many choose to go with them.

  • Steel:

Steel is probably the most used metal for manufacturing metal roofs. It is easily customizable, sturdy, lightweight, and can last for a long time. However, since steel corrodes easily after coming in contact with salt spray or water, you can choose galvanized steel if you live in a coastal area.

  • Zinc:

Zinc is another metal that’s popularly used for custom metal roofing panels. It does not corrode, is cheaper than copper, has its own outer protective layer, and often fixes scratch marks on its own over time.

Drawback of Metal Roofs

  • Cause loud noise inside when it rains:

Metal always makes noise when something hits it. So, while all metals are amazing choices for roofs, you should expect them to be noisy during thunderstorms or rain.


Want to know more about the metal roofing panels that can make your house a hot property (no pun intended!)? Then speak with your custom metal roofing panel expert for more details today.

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