, Advantages and Disadvantages of Residential Metal Roofing in Florida
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September 8, 2021
, Advantages and Disadvantages of Residential Metal Roofing in Florida
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November 15, 2021
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Residential Metal Roofing in Florida

According to a report, the metal roofing market in the US was valued at over $4.2 billion in 2018. This figure is expected to reach $20.4 billion in value by 2026. It covers all the sectors, including residential roofing, commercial roofing, and industrial roofing.

Moving towards the end of 2021, we are already witnessing a steep rise in demand for residential metal roofing in Florida. Quite many factors make metal roofs the top choice for everyone. These include:

  • A rise in the frequency of hurricanes hitting the state every year (metal roofs offer excellent protection against hurricanes)
  • The availability of different metal roofing solutions in the state
  • The long-life that every metal roofing delivers
  • No need to engage additional measures for roof protection
  • Their eco-friendliness, making metal roofing panels 100% recyclable for future use
  • Savings in energy bills
  • Reduction in annual insurance premium
  • Increase in the resale price of the property
  • Peace of mind with no need to replace the metal roof before 50 years at a minimum
  • Option to install metal roofing panels over an existing shingle roof

At the same time, metal roofs are not the perfect solution you would like them to be. They have their own share of disadvantages. However, you can overcome all these disadvantages by engaging in certain upgrades.

These drawbacks and ways to overcome them are:

  • , Advantages and Disadvantages of Residential Metal Roofing in FloridaNoisy Roofs: The metal in the metal roofs understandably can be very noisy during rainstorms. No matter how good a metal roof you buy, these roofs will still be very noisy. However, modern ways of installing these roofing panels, including setting up an underlayment under the panels, cut down the noise to a bare minimum.
  • Wear and Tear: Wear and tear happen when metal roofing panels lose their shape. It could be the heat of the summer season or excessive cold nights of the winter season that can make the metal bend or tear from certain portions. You can prevent that from happening by using acrylic or some oil-based paint all over the roofing surface.
  • Matching the Color: Metal roofs can lose their sheen or color over time. There is no way you can prevent that from happening. This can also become your concern if you want to replace a damaged panel, which needs you to use a different shade of color. While not much can be done about them, besides giving them a fresh paint job, you can buy your roofing panels from a proven company. Their top-quality products with their best paints and other protective layers will ensure that your roof retains its attractive shine for a longer period.
  • Difficult to Install Perfectly: Improper installation can make your roof susceptible to all kinds of problems related to leakage or moisture build-up. It can turn your perfect roof into a leaky roof, or worse. This is something that requires the expertise of a roofing professional. Metal roofing panels aren’t easy to lay down. So, there are always gaps left in between, which allow the problems to seep in. However, an expert will ensure that those leaks and moisture never.
  • Corroding Metals: Metals can corrode over time without any protection. However, modern roofing panels already come equipped with galvalume coating or high-grade paints, which help them steer clear of corrosion. If you leave them be, and do not change anything around them, these roofing panels will not corrode for decades.
  • Pricey Roofing Panels: Roofing panels are costly, and there is no way around it. But since they can last 3-5 times longer than any other roofing panels, they are actually the more inexpensive option for you to choose.

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