, 6 Amazing and Interesting Facts About Solar Panels in the United States
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August 7, 2020
, 6 Amazing and Interesting Facts About Solar Panels in the United States
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September 17, 2020
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6 Amazing and Interesting Facts About Solar Panels in the United States

, 6 Amazing and Interesting Facts About Solar Panels in the United States

The sun is a symbol of many things, including hope, energy, and power. In a way, that holds true literally as well. As the natural fossil fuel deposits continue to deteriorate every day, the sun gives the hope of being the perfect source of alternate energy. This energy is what is almost set to power our future generations. Solar energy will become our future, and that is a good thing, indeed.

There are several interesting facts about solar energy that may not know of, yet. These are:

  • Solar Panels Can Absorb Energy Even if There is No Direct Sunlight

The sunlight has multiple spectra. This means that even if the sunlight isn’t falling directly on the solar panels, a part of that spectrum will still get absorbed as energy. Of course, direct sunlight definitely means maximum energy available for absorption by panels. So, even if it’s a cloudy day or a snow day, the light reflected around the sky will still get captured as energy.

  • Solar Panels Cost 90% Less Than What They Did in 2010, Over 99% Less Since 1977

This is an interesting fact indeed. Back in 1977, a simple solar cell was priced at $77 per watt. By 2010, this cost dropped to just about $2 per watt. But that was not the end of it. Fast forward another 10 years. In 2020, these panels are available at a cost of just $0.20 per watt. The technology certainly had a big leap over all this time.

  • Solar Power Installation in the U.S. Has Risen 23 Times Over the Past 8 Years

While the solar panel prices have reduced, commercial and residential solar panel installation has increased by more than 23 times over the last 8 years alone. The United States is now the third-largest solar power market globally and continues to make big strides year after year.

  • Solar Energy Costs Less than Energy Produced from Fossil Fuels

You may not believe this, but even unsubsidized solar energy is cheaper than all kinds of fossil fuels. Natural gas is the cheapest fossil fuel, which costs over 5 cents per kWh. In comparison, unsubsidized solar energy costs around 4.3 cents per kWh.

  • Solar Plants Can Stay Functional for Over 50 Years

Once installed, a solar power plant can give you free power for more than 50 years. You don’t even have to worry about their maintenance much. The only money you may need to put on into them could be for replacing damaged solar panels when they get damaged. The entire process could take less than an hour at maximum. Solar panel systems usually come with warranty running into 25 years, so even that cost may not be your concern until then.

  • Solar Panels Are Available with Hefty Incentives and Rebates

Thanks to many initiatives being run by government organizations, you can get hefty incentives on purchasing a solar panel system for your home. You could also get additional tax benefits for being a solar power user. All these benefits greatly reduce the total cost you pay for residential solar panel installation.

In addition to all these facts, solar power does not cause any kind of pollution either. There is no air pollution caused that is otherwise caused by the burning of fossil fuels. There is no noise pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels. There is no water pollution that is otherwise caused by the dumping of fossil fuel wastage in water. Solar power is a clean energy source, which will transform a lot of things for humanity in the future not too far away from us now.


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