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January 27, 2021
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4 Best Metals You Can Use in Roofing Panels for Homes

If you are planning to update your roof, this article is just for you. For a long time, asphalt shingle roofs have been the number one choice of people of Miami. These roofs are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and are more reliable than several other roofing materials. But there is one material that fares even better on all the counts, metal. Metal roof panels in Miami can last longer, are easy to install, and save you more money in multiple ways.

The one common thing about metal roofing panels is that they are 100% recyclable, so do not harm the environment at all.

But how do you identify the best metal roofs near you in Miami? For that, you have to approach the area’s leading metal roofers who can also install the roofs above your home. You can ask them about the different options you can go through before installing metal roofs.

The most popular metals used for manufacturing metal roofs are:

  • Copper

Copper metal roofs are probably one of the best and safest bets you can go with. Roofs built from copper can last for well over a century without any maintenance. Aesthetic-wise too, there is no match for copper panels that make your home look elegant and mesmerizing even from a distance. As compared to other roofing metals, copper is relatively softer. This softness also makes copper roofs the quietest solution for metal roofing. While this softness also makes them vulnerable to damage from heavy debris, you can avoid that by installing copper metal roofing material fitted inside a proper aluminum panel. You can also install copper roofing panels above the shingle roofs.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum metal roofs are the perfect choice for those who live in coastal areas. This is mostly because aluminum has the best resistance to salt corrosion when compared with other metals. While it does react to change in atmospheric conditions, it uses the oxygen to create a layer of aluminum oxide, which seals the inner metal layers from any further corrosion. This lock stays on for decades, giving you true value for the money you spend on the roofing solution. Aluminum roofing panels generally come with a paint coating, which helps increase their aesthetic appeal even more.

  • Zinc

The most amazing thing about zinc is that it can use its platina to heal any scratches it incurs over time. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect metal roofing panels made from zinc to last for over 100 years. Zinc is a sturdy metal and yet can be molded into desired shapes without much effort. Since it’s possible to bend zinc easily, you need to fortify it so that it can withstand strong winds, hail, as well as lose debris with ease.

  • Steel

Steel isn’t really a pure metal. It’s more of an alloy that is made from different metals, including iron. Steel is easily the most commonly used construction material, so rightfully finds its place on this list. In addition to its great properties, steel is also manufactured from the recycled materials instead of new ones. Steel is also the least expensive option on the list that is also counted among the best roofing panel solutions in Miami. Steel can mimic properties of other metals without losing its own, ever!

Would you like to know more about the amazing benefits of installing the best metal roofing panels in Miami? Then call your area’s leading roofing company for a free quote and other details right away.

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